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How many times have you thrown your Propane Tank, in the back of your pickup or in your car trunk ? And every time you do, you have to figure out a way to jam something next to the tank, just so it will not roll around and damage your truck bed or your trunk. Or maybe you're a welder and you have to refill your Oxygen or Acetylene tanks, Are you the one that has to get propane for your fork lifts ? Those 100 lb Propane tanks are almost impossible to stop rolling around in your vehicle, especially when they are totally filled. Tank Buddy was designed to be easily installed on all tanks. Tank-buddy.com makes it almost impossible for it to roll around ! Because of its compact design, you really never have to remove it. It is simply the best at tank stabilization and holding. Tank-Buddy.com the best Tank Stabilizer, Holder period !

  • SAFETY !
  • PolyPropylene Strap has a 400 lb Breaking Strength
  • Tank-Buddy Width is Engineered to be only as Wide as needed to ensure stability of the Tank
  • Tank-Buddy can be drilled for permanent mounting
  • Tank Stabilization and Holding

The Choice is clear! If you are Tired of your different types of Tanks damaging your Truck or Car, Order Online or give us a call. Bulk Pricing is available.

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Standard 20# Propane Tank, Camper 30# Propane Tank, Forklift Propane Tank

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